Welding and Brazing Services, Inc. provides turbine engineering, project management, robotic cell development and high quality, engineered welding and brazing solutions, in a timely manner, to meet customer schedules.

 Our staff  works very closely with our customers to provide engineered solutions to meet the specifications of highly specialized jobs. Our team of skilled craftsmen combined with our experienced and qualified engineers resolve the most complex  welding, engineering and robotic problems posed by the unique applications of our customers and modern materials. Our project managers help customers manage resources to meet quality requirements, schedules and cost objectives.

W&BS provides services to the power generation, manufacturing, research and development industries including development and implementation of welding procedures, stress and heat treating, and robotic applications.


Dave Parker, President of Welding and Brazing Services along with his entire engineering staff has expertise in Welding, Brazing, Metallurgy, Design and Development, and Casting Repairs for both Gas and Steam Turbines. Since the 1950's, most procedures and alloys developed for GE Energy have been written by the same experts that we now have on staff.

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